Concrete based on lightweight aggregate from zeolites after sorption process of oil product

Numer wydania: 2016/2, strona 57
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In this work, the examination of physical properties of lightweight concrete from aggregate produced of the natural zeolite, obtained as the waste after crude oil sorption. Aggregate have been obtained from the montmorillonite clay with 10% of this waste zeolite, by fi ring at 1200°C, in rotary kiln. The resulting material was classified as lightweight aggregate and used for concrete production. Examination of this concrete properties has shown that it meets the basic requirements for lightweight concrete. The bulk density and compressive strength of this concrete were 1800 kg/m3 and 52 MPa respectively, and do not differ significantly from that obtained for concrete from expanded clay. The research of phase composition of ingredients and lightweight concrete itself was conducted and XRD as well as FTIR spectroscopy were applied.