Role of nanosilica in the formation of the properties of cement composites, state of the art
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Katedra Konstrukcji Żelbetowych i Technologii Betonu, Wydział Budownictwa i Architektury, Zachodniopomorski Uniwersytet Technologiczny w Szczecinie
Publication date: 2018-11-01
Cement Wapno Beton 23(6) 487-495 (2018)
Note of the Redaction The note of Redaction is concerning the prices of nanosilica. The nanosilica in Poland is produced to use in research only, thus in small quantities. Probably for this reason there no industrial technologies for NS production. It is connected with very high prices of NS, which are on the level of about 6800 zlotys for 1 kg. These prices give no possibility of NS application in building industry. It is enough to say that the cost of materials for one m3 of concrete is about 275 zlotys and the addition of 3% by mass of cement of NS, which for 380 kg of cement in 1 m3 is equal to 11,4 kg of NS, will cost 77.800 zlotys. It is obvious that for 1 m3 of concrete nobody will pay 77.800 zlotys. For industrial application of nanosilica in Poland it should be waited for it industrial production. For this reason the conclusions, of this very interesting paper, presented in point 4 are concerning only the scientifi c sphere
This research was supported by the National Science Centre of Poland within the project No. 2014/13/B/ST8/03875 (OPUS 7).
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