The aim of the journal is to publish high-quality papers in the field of broadly understood chemistry and technology of mineral binders and cement-based composites, as well as other materials containing mineral binders. We publish works on a wide range of issues related to binding materials:

- common cements,
- non-hydraulic binders such as building lime, gypsum binders, etc.,
- calcium aluminate cements,
- oil-well cements,
- calcium sulphoaluminate cements,
- alkali-activated binders, geopolymers, etc.
- low-emission special binders,
- binders incorporating various wastes and by-products,
- road binders.

Cement Wapno Beton journal publishes articles on the production of binders and composites made of them, their rheological properties, kinetics and hydration mechanism, as well as the properties of hardened materials: microstructure, strength, durability. The Cement Wapno Beton magazine also invites authors of papers devoted to environmental effects related to the production, use and disposal of widely understood cement materials.
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